Hello friends and followers of this blog. I´m so glad to tell you that my new site and store will be open soon! I will not send any content of this blog till there. Only my products will be add at the store, after purchase, instant download, cool don´t? So, stay on! A great freebie for the opening day!!!!!

Olá amigos e seguidores desse blog. Estou muito feliz em lhes contar que em breve vou abrir meu novo site/loja! Nenhum conteúdo desse blog será mandando para lá, somente os produtos farão parte da loja. Depois da compra, download instantâneo! Legal não? Fiquem ligados, pois vai ter freebie de inauguração!!!!!!!

Hello! It´s been a while since my last post here. Well, this is my last freebie for 2014 ok. And, grab it fast, cause it´ll be free only for a couple hours. After this, it´ll be at the stores. 
For 2015, only who subscribe my newsletter will receive the download links, so, if you wanna follow me here, please sign up! I have a planning for open my own store next year. And, if i do this, stay on, cause i´ll redirect all the content of this blog to a new one. Probably it´ll be a Wordpress site. And, i´m returning to make Blogger & WP themes, and support of plugins and codes for 2015.
So, let 2015 comes, it´ll be a great new year.

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