Hello, some news for today, i´m selling some exclusive tubes only at Mystical Scraps Store. I mean, this one from there are only found at Mystical store. And, after the purchase, you´ll receive the license number for use them. So, if you buy at Mystical Scraps, use the license number you get there please. Any doubt, just ask me.

Exclusive: Only at Mystical Scraps Store

Left sometime for me to create my first tube! But it worst. Now Carpe Diem Designs is making and selling tubes too. And the images used for make them are all purchase with copyright ok. The tubes are all at 72 DPI and not for print or enlarge in any way. The tubes from Carpe Diem Tubes are personal use only! I´ll making some TOU for publish, but i´m selling my first tube on Scrappin Dollars and is all at the zip file. If you purchase the tube or get it for free, i´ll send your welcome email with the license number of yours. Enjoy!



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